Convert MP3 song into the "Minus One"

It's been a long time i'm didn't update this blog. Well this time i would like to share "How to convert your MP3 song into the minus one" (voice removal). This is the simplest trick, even it's not accurate 100% as the results you want.Well you can try it!.It's free.

This tutorial had been updated,since last time wrong information provided regarding when to save the song

There are 2 types of plug-ins for voice removal, below I will show you how to use "DSP/plug-in" from "Yeraze FX"
How to listen to the voice Removal

    • Forth,search Plug-ins> DSP / Effect> "Randall Audio Effect fo winamp 2"
    • In the windows box "DSP Audio Effects Control"> "Presets: Stereo Voice Removal"
    • Then play the mp3 song that would like to convert it into the "Minus One".

    How to save the songs that have been in the voice removal

    To do the same as above , but make sure your hard drive is large enough disk space to save the song, because actually the average size for a song at least 35 MB

    • First of all you need "Winamp"
    • Second go to "Winamp" and press "CTRL + P" @ right-click winamp> Options> Preferences
    • Third, Search Plug-ins> Output> "Nullsoft Disk Writer
    • Double click to configure the plugin or select it..
    • Check Display "Save as" dialog for every file
    Configure "NullSoft Disk Writer" as picture above
    • Then play the mp3 songs you want in the "Voice Removal", the song will be in converted in a short time,depending on your computer speed.
    After Convert is Done ...
    • Search Plug-ins> Output> "Nullsoft DirectSound Output ....", make you select it..and press close button
    • And then the music will play as normal in Winamp
    • You can put all the songs you want in the "playlist" to the "convert" right to minus one. 
    • The file is stored in a folder in "My Document> My Music" 
    • The file will be in a WAV format,so to convert it into the Mp3 you will need "WAV to MP3 converter" 
    • Once it is complete, your winamp will to convert it into the original form:
    • Press "CTRL + P" in Winamp or right-click winamp> Options> Preferences 
    • Search Plug-ins> Output> "Nullsoft DirectSound Output ....", and make sure it is selected ..
      Wish Good Luck..


      1. How to save the song after remove the vocal?

      2. cannot find the plugin "randall audio fo winamp 2"
        how come?

      3. Actually it could be file "dsp_yeraze.dll" is not exist in winamp plugin folder,please take a look,is it the "dsp_yeraze.dll" exist or not.If the file exist,please restart the winamp application.

      4. how to save the setting after selected "DSP Audio Effects Control"> "Presets: Stereo Voice Removal".there is no button to do so..

      5. I cant find the "Randall Audio Effect fo winamp 2"....please help...tnx

      6. As the creator of YerazeFX, glad to see someone using it :)