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Computer Troubleshooting Solution

This article is taken from another site, out of nowhere.We nevertheless admits that it is not from us and it is credited to them who publish it on the internet.The article was written in Bahasa Melayu & had been translated into English language.
This article had been edited by Zainaza on 15-April-2014

Equipment : CPU Set

Problem: Blank screen 


    • Check the signal cable/connector. 
    • Check the power supply unit & make sure the fan functional
    • Check the power connector (connection) to the motherboard. 
    • Check the RAM.
    • Check SVGA card/monitor card/Graphics card (AGP / PCIE). 
    • Check the installation/location of the hard disk cable.
    • Check the motherboard/CPU/RAM. 
    • Make sure there is 2 or more cards are in the same function in a motherboard. 
    • Make sure the power output (0, +5 V-5V - 12V and +12 V) Power supply unit adequately.
    • Refer to the manual. 
    • Change the motherboard.

    Equipment : Keyboard

    Problem: When typing on keyboard,some letter does displayed on screen.


    • Letter fluency test button 
    • Change the keyboard
    Problem:  Keyboard error when boot-up the pc.


    • Check the key lock. 
    • Check the keyboard connector. 
    • Check the BIOS for the keyboard. (Setup/configuration)
    • Change the keyboard. 

    Equipment : Mouse

    Problem: Mouse pointer arrow does not move smoothly 


    • Clean the roller and ball/Check the LED lights under the mouse 
    • Check the mouse configure/control. 
    • If the serial port, try using a USB mouse 
    • Check the mouse configure/control on windows 
    • Change Mouse
    Problem: Not functioning


    • Check the mouse connection 
    • Change the mouse.

    Equipment : Monitor CRT

    Problem: Blank screen (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Check the fuse on the 3 pin socket outlet (240V) 
    • Check the fuse on the board monitors 
    • Check the components in the power supply area. 
    • Check the "high voltage" capacitor 
    • Change the monitor.
    Problem: Display only at the center of the screen (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Check the horizontal component of the area. 
    • Check the "tantalum capacitor / coupling" 
    • Change the monitor.
    Problem: Display only at the bottom of the screen (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Check the vertical component of the area. 
    • Check the transistor pole
    • Change the monitor.
    Problem : Display color on the screen changed (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Check the signal cable core / connection 
    • Check the video card /graphic card
    • Change monitor
    Problem : Contrast (background) too bright. Horizontal line spotted (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Adjust the contrast on the control panel. 
    • Adjustable screen button on the "High voltage" capacitor.
    Problem : Display on the screen blur (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Adjust the brighness on the control panel. 
    • Adjust the focus button on the "high voltage" capacitor.
    • Change the monitor.
    Problem : Disturbances on the screen (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Check / replace 2 chips of the same 
    • Check the card connector / "gold finger"
    • Check the card slot 
    • Switch card.
    Problem : There are lines on the screen


    • Check SVGA card/connector 
    • Check the card slot / Jumper (1M, 2M) (on graphic card)
    • Switch card or change another SVGA card

    Equipment : SIMM RAM

    Problem: Blank screen 


    • Change the RAM to another bank or "slot"
    • Check/replace RAM one by one. 
    • Check the connection to the RAM slots. 
    Problem: Detect memory is not the same amount of RAM installed.

    • SIMM slots (one) has duplicate the other slot 
    • Check your RAM speed compatibility with motherboard

    Equipment : Operating System (Software)

    Problem : System slow


    • Check the CPU on Motherboard.
    • Add RAM capacity. 
    • Check for viruses/Install Anti-virus
    • Close unneeded programs. (start up) 
    • Programs need a lot of memory (to run). 
    • Check the turbo button. (Old computer) 
    • Check Hard drive 
    • Check the temperature of processor 
    • Make sure the processor fan running
    • Replace "thermal liquid" if necessary (at the bottom plate on heat sink)

    Equipment : Power Supply Unit

    Problem: If "on" fan does not spin, when "off : twisting moment (Electronic Knowledge)


    • Check the power supply 240 volt
    • Check the switch for the power supply unit .
    • Check or replace fuse .
    • Change the power supply unit.
    Problem: The fuse broken when the device is "ON" (Electronic Knowledge)

    • Check DIODES
    • Check the transistor
    • Check the bridge rectifier
    • Check the voltage regulator
    • Change the fuse
    • Change the power supply unit .
    Problem: Spark electric or a small explosion occur (Electronic Knowledge)

    • Switch the cable (one pair)
    • Make sure the bridge rectifiers corrected
    • Change the power supply
    Problem: Fans chime

    • Clean the dust
    • Make sure that nothing/cable attachment on the blade
    • Check the fan bearings
    • Change fan
    Problem: When the "on" shock occurs on the casing (Electronic Knowledge)

    • Make sure the ground on the chassis works well.
    • Be sure to ground the power supply is connected correctly.
    • Change the Power Cable
    • Install insulation on the motherboard (the motherboard circuits)
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    Error 720 : Internet Modem Dial-up and DirectPlay8 "dpwnsock.dll missing or damaged"

    Yesterday,while i'm developing TWSS for a new version,i got some error from Windows.
    I thought it's because my registry error or missing registering DLL file on my computer.

    Well the error i got is :
    Error 720 : No PPP control protocols configured (Internet Modem Dial-up) and DirectPlay8 "dpwnsock.dll missing or damaged".So,some of this issue i'm got already posted on the internet,so this is quick solution how to fix this error.

    For the "dpwnsock.dll missing registry"
    Please go to to "start menu" and type "regsvr32 dpnet.dll",the press enter

    and the re-run "dxdiag" from start menu to confirm your DirectPlay8 is dpnet.dll and not dpnmodem.dll or dpnwsock.dll.

    While for Error 720 : No PPP control protocols configured.

    Please download RArepair.exe to fix the error.Follow the instruction,and restart your computer
    Download RArepair.exe
    This information i'm posted into my blog because it's really hard to find this solution for those both problem :)
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    How to Install Microsoft Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 by using the USB Flash drive

    This tutorial will explain a simple and easy way,how to formatting and installing Microsoft Windows Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 into the Desktop computer,laptops and net book easily by using USB thumb drive: 

    The advantages installing Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 by using the USB
    For computers don't have a DVD-ROM, such as notebook and Installing Microsoft Windows by flash drive much faster than DVD (transfer rate on DVD and thumb drive is different) 
      • Item USB flash Drive at least 4GB disk space & USB 1.0 or 2.0 supported 
      • DVD Windows Vista,7,8,8.1,10 or ISO images
      • PE2USB Software
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      What is Virtual Machine

      Have you heard about Virtual PC, VMware ,and Virtual Box ?

      A virtual machine (VM) is a software-based emulation of a computer. Virtual machines operate based on the computer architecture and functions of a real or hypothetical computer.
      The main advantages of Virtual Machine are:
      • Multiple OS environments can co-exist on the same computer, in strong isolation from each other.
      • The virtual machine can provide an instruction set architecture (ISA) that is somewhat different from that of the real machine
      • Application provisioning, maintenance, high availability and disaster recovery
      The main disadvantages of Virtual Machine are:
      • A virtual machine is less efficient than a real machine when it accesses the hardware indirectly
      • When multiple Virtual Machine are concurrently running on the same physical host, each Virtual Machine may exhibit a varying and unstable performance (speed of execution, and not results), which highly depends on the workload imposed on the system by other Virtual Machine, unless proper techniques are used for temporal isolation among virtual machines.
      Well this software known as "Virtual Machine" in which way,we can try to a lot of thing into it,and so virtual Machine is using a concepts like :
      • Experimenting on the software architecture.
      • Test and find weaknesses virus, Trojan, adware, etc.
      • Testing Windows PE (Developer).
      • Supports network and Internet.
      • Build OS Images
      From my working experiences,the "Virtual Machine" provides a variety of functions and the easy way to try a couple of "things" before deployed into the real environment.

      For an example, I'm developing a software called "A" and i would like to know & test the stability of the software "A" which it maybe take time to test and look up a "bug" on my software,before it's goes into the real one.

      Virtual machine from SUN Virtual Box is free you can try it : Download Here

      In addition,we can also test various scenarios in Virtual Machine.

      SUN Virtual Box Interface I

      SUN Virtual Box Interface II

      SUN Virtual Box Interface III (Windows XP running on SUN Virtual Box)

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      Cara menukarkan MS-Word dan Document lain kepada PDF

      Bagaimana untuk menukarkan fail MS-Word dan Document lain kepada PDF

      Terdapat banyak perisian di internet menyediakan perhidmatan,untuk menukarkan Document kepada fail yang berbentuk PDF.Kenapa mesti PDF dan kenapa bukan MS-word,Excel atau ODF sendiri,apakah kelebihan dan kepentingan fail PDF??
      • Mudah di buka di mana-mana sahaja kerana format yang universal
      • Read-only Document tidak akan cacat atau rosak akibat serangan virus (virus lama)
      • Pemampatan fail yang tinggi dan sederhana
      • Menjimatkan Kertas ??
      Di sini kami akan menunjukkan cara yang paling mudah untuk menukarkan Fail pejabat biasa kepada fail PDF
      • Langkah Pertama sekali anda perlu muat-turun doPDF (laman web : )
      • Langkah Kedua setelah habis "install" doPDF,buka document yang anda ingin tukarkan kepada format PDF
      • Tekan "print" dan ambil printer "doPDF"
      • Pilih "Browse" di manakah anda ingin menyimpan fail tersebut dan tekan print.
      • Jikan tulisan tersebut menggunakan unicode seperti bahasa arab,tamil atau cina,anda perlu tandakan "Embed Fonts"
      • Dan akhir sekali operasi cara menukarkan fail pejabat biasa kepada PDF format selesai..
      Untuk melihat fail PDF,anda tidak memerlukan Adobe Reader,kerana aplikasi tersebut terlalu berat dan menambahkan bebanan kepada Komputer yang tidak mempunyai keupayaan yang tinggi.Kami menyarankan Foxit Reader untuk di jadikan sebagai PDF reader,dan ianya percuma.
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      Convert MP3 song into the "Minus One"

      It's been a long time i'm didn't update this blog. Well this time i would like to share "How to convert your MP3 song into the minus one" (voice removal). This is the simplest trick, even it's not accurate 100% as the results you want.Well you can try it!.It's free.

      This tutorial had been updated,since last time wrong information provided regarding when to save the song

      There are 2 types of plug-ins for voice removal, below I will show you how to use "DSP/plug-in" from "Yeraze FX"
      How to listen to the voice Removal

        • Forth,search Plug-ins> DSP / Effect> "Randall Audio Effect fo winamp 2"
        • In the windows box "DSP Audio Effects Control"> "Presets: Stereo Voice Removal"
        • Then play the mp3 song that would like to convert it into the "Minus One".
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