Error 720 : Internet Modem Dial-up and DirectPlay8 "dpwnsock.dll missing or damaged"

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Yesterday,while i'm developing TWSS for a new version,i got some error from Windows.
I thought it's because my registry error or missing registering DLL file on my computer.

Well the error i got is :
Error 720 : No PPP control protocols configured (Internet Modem Dial-up) and DirectPlay8 "dpwnsock.dll missing or damaged".So,some of this issue i'm got already posted on the internet,so this is quick solution how to fix this error.

For the "dpwnsock.dll missing registry"
Please go to to "start menu" and type "regsvr32 dpnet.dll",the press enter

and the re-run "dxdiag" from start menu to confirm your DirectPlay8 is dpnet.dll and not dpnmodem.dll or dpnwsock.dll.

While for Error 720 : No PPP control protocols configured.

Please download RArepair.exe to fix the error.Follow the instruction,and restart your computer
Download RArepair.exe
This information i'm posted into my blog because it's really hard to find this solution for those both problem :)

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