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Warning! Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are still under Trials phase. Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software are intended for educational ONLY. "ParadoxTech" will not responsible due to misfortune in live trading account by using this Meta-Trader indicators and Forex software.

In 2016, "TraderCalculator" application development discontinued

Meanwhile, the functions already available in the application "TraderCalculator" has been broken into several parts and these parts were rebuild, and given access to download
But not at least we on a new project called "Grabber" this software got a lot of features,still in Beta Test

What is "TradeCalculator "
TradeCalculator  is a software used to calculate lot size,margin,pivot and fibonacci calculator,also other tools included

Requirement :
  • At least Windows XP
  • RAM 256
  • With Visual Basic 6 Runtime
Software Ability : 
  • Portable Application
  • Executed well on windows family from windows XP to Windows 7
  • Executed well on 64 Bit windows
Function : 
  • Calculate lot size,
  • Calculate margin level
  • Pivot and Fibonacci calculator
  • Included Candlestick chart
  • Simple Money Management
P/S: "Trade Calculator" is derived from the Forex Calculator that I built in 2008
Download Trade Calculator 3.0.211 on MediaFire
PASSKEY: "ZEROHOUR" without opening words (bracket)

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