My Profile

Picture taken from Lensa-Terbang at my Hometown (Simpang 4,Hutan Melintang)

Name: Shahril
Residence: Hilir Perak,Malaysia
Date of Birth: 21/08
Zodiac: "Leo the Lion"
Skills: Most of the IT and Forex trading
Current job: Computer Technician (General)
Hobby and leisure time:
  • Read books, play games and surf the Internet
  • Develop and build a website
  • Learn to build a gaming mode
  • Learning the programming language C++ and Visual Basic 6 and develop applications for VB and MQ4
  • Would like to learn more in astronomy
Ambition: "Be a Good Person and Citizen" 
Educational Background
  • Kolej Yayasan Melaka,Alai 2003 (Melaka)
  • Skills Certificate (Computer Network Technician) Kolej Yayasan Melaka Intake on 2003
  • Repair of computers (computer systems), "Networking Setup" & "Troubleshoot Networking" 
  • Skills in Microsoft Office 97 or 2000, and the use of Microsoft Viso 2000 
  • Install "Operating System" & "Network Operating Systems" 
  • Build a website in the format (HTML, CSS, CGI, PHP, JavaScript, DHTML) 
  • ACD See, Microsoft Photo Editor, SwishMax, Corel Draw, Xnview, Adobe Photoshop (Basic) 
  • Microsoft FrontPage 2000, Netscape Composer, and the use of SQL Database 
  • Have some skills in "Reverse Engineering" 
  • Have some skills in the use of Red Hat 5.0 / 6, Ubuntu and Linux Family 
  • Have some programming skills in Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, C++ and MQL Languange 
  • Learning the "Technical Analysis", "Fundamental Market & economy" 
  • Experience of a Forex trader from 2008 until now